Did you know the #1 requested item from homeless shelters is socks? Our mission at Sky Footwear has been developed around the knowledge of that – for every of socks purchased from us, we give a pair of socks to our partnered homeless shelter of the month across the U.S. Socks are small items that are taken for granted in most homes, but they are among the most cherished of possessions for someone who doesn’t have a home. Who knew purchasing a pair of socks could make such a difference in the lives of some of our neighbors? 

1.0 Shop

Purchase a sock that fits your style.


2.0 Provide

Each sock sold during the month is sent to our partnered Homeless Shelter of the Month.


3.0 Inspire

Your donation helps provide the proper care and love that these homeless individuals need in order to elevate their situation. All of our nonprofit partners have established programs to help get them back on their feet.


4.0 Share

Help the cycle continue by spreading the mission of Sky Footwear and providing the opportunity to give to those who are around you. You buy one. We give one. Let's live better together.



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